Timelines of the Crusader Initiativescrusades.jpg
Courtesy Medieval Tymes (http://www.medievaltymes.com/courtyard/images/crusades/first_crusade_route_map.jpg)
Courtesy Medieval Tymes (http://www.medievaltymes.com/courtyard/images/crusades/first_crusade_route_map.jpg)

Events Preceeding the Crusader Initiative
1070 CE - Jerusalem is captured by the Seljuk Turks
1071 CE - Greek Emperor, Diogenes, is defeated and made captive at the Battle of Manzikert. Asia Minor and Syria become the prey of the Turks.
1084 CE - Antioch succombs.
1092 CE - The metropolitan areas of Christian control are no longer within their control.
1095 CE - Alexius Comnenus, Byzantine Emperor, appeals to Pope Urban II for aid.
1095(Nov.) CE - Pope Urban II calls the Council of Clermont in France, and initially calls for a crusade to free the Holy Land.
The Crusader Initiative
1096 (Spring) CE - Peter the Hermit leads the 'People's Crusade' and sets out from Europe.
1096 (Aug.) CE - Emperor Alexius of Constantinople ships the People's Crusade over the Bosphorus.
1096 (Summer) CE - The First Crusaders depart Europe consisting of four principle armies to meet in Constantinople.
- Godfrey of Bouillon, Duke of Lower Lorraine, leads the people of Lorraine, the Germans,
and the French from the north. (Arrive in Constantinople Dec. 1096).
- Hugh of Vermandois (brother of King Philip I of France), Robert Courte-Heuse, Duke of
Normandy, and Count Stephan of Blois, lead bands of French and Normans. (Arrive in
Constantinople in May 1097).
- Raymond of Saint-Gilles, Count of Toulouse, and Adhemar of Monteil, Bishope of Puy
and papal legate, lead French from the south. (Arrive in Constantinople in April 1097).
- Bohemond and Tancred command the Normans of Southern Italy. (Arrive in
Constantinople in April 1097).
1097 (Apr.) CE - The First Crusaders begin march into Anatolia to Nicaea.
1097 (May) CE - Nicaea surrenders to Alexius.
1097 (June) CE - Crusaders march overland from Nicaea to Dorylaeum.
1097 (Oct.21) CE - Crusaders arrive at Antioch, begin a long bitter siege.
1098 (Feb.) CE - Alexius' General, Tacitius, leaves the siege of Antioch.
1098 (June) CE - Count Stephan of Blois, along with a group of French, leave the siege of Antioch.
1098 (June) CE - Firuz, a captain in the army within Antioch, open the gates to Bohemond and the Crusaders.
1098 (June) CE - Kerbogah arrives at Antioch with a Turkish contingent army and begin siege of Antioch that is in Christian control.
1098 (Late June) CE - Crusaders capture M'arrat-an-Numan, east of Antioch.
1099 (Jan.) CE - Raymond of Toulouse leads the first contingent army of Crusaders from Antioch toward Jerusalem.
1099 (Feb.) CE - Raymond begins the siege of Arqah(near Tripoli).
1099 (March) CE - Godfrey and Robert of Flanders join the siege of Arqah.
1099 (May) CE - Raymond leaves Arqah and marches to Jerusalem.
1099 (June) CE - the citizens of Bethlehem are protected under Tancred.
1099 (June) CE - Godfrey's army arrives at Jerusalem.
1099 (Late June) CE - The attempt to take Jerusalem initially fails.
1099 (July) CE - Godfrey breaches the walls of Jerusalem near Herod's Gate: The First Crusader initiative captures the Holy City of Jerusalem.
End of the First Crusade.