courtesy of : http://www.brown.edu/Courses/HI0110/gallery1.htm .1098: February Baldwin of Boulogne, younger brother of Godfrey of Bouillon, summoned by the Armenian prince Thoros, enters Edessa, where he is acclaimed by the Armenian clergy Joseph Art By: Nicolas Robert-Fleury
Photo of King Stephen of England, Viewed 2-20-10 courtesy of rootsweb (http://freepages.genealogy.rootsweb.ancestry.com/~royalancestors/names/s/stephen_stephen.html)
1102, May CE - Ships arrive at Jaffa bearing German and English crusaders. Baldwin I mounts a cavalry charge against the Muslims who had been beseiging the city, and once again push the Egyptians back to Ascalon. Art by: Calixte Serrur, orig viewed 2-24-10. image courtesy of :
1129 CE - The Council of Troyes recognizes the Templars and formally adopts the Templars into the Church. Pope Honorius II approves the recognition, Hugh of Payns becomes first Grand Master. The Order of the Templars rapidly spreads throughout Europe. Art by: Granet François-Marius, orig viewed: 2-23-10. Image Courtesy of:
1144 CE - Pope Celestine II issues the papal bull Milites Templi (Soldiers of the Temple). This papal bull adds more priviledges, allowing the Templars to collect their own funds. (from the Hulton Archive Collection) Viewed 2-24-10 Image courtesy of :
Templar Seal - the image is of a horse carrying two templar knights. Viewed 2-25-10. Image Courtesy of :
1148 May CE - Crusaders set out to capture Damascus under the command of Baldwin III, and the cavalry of Louis VII. 1148 July CE - Crusaders are forced to withdraw from the siege of Damascus after only one week (Baldwin III, Conrad III, and Louis VII were unable to agree on anything). Art by:Alexandre-Charles Debacq, Originally viewed 2-24-10. Image courtesy of:
1149 July CE - Crusader Church of the Holy Sepulchre is dedicated, Image View 2-25-10. Image courtesy of: