1151 CE - Henry (soon Henry II of England) becomes Duke of Normandy Henry II 1133 - 1189, Reign 1154 - 1189., image viewed 2-23-10
1152 CE - Eleanor of Aquitine marries Henry II (she would later gives birth to Richard the Lionheart)
a more recent depiction of Elanore. viewed 2-23-10
1152 CE. Frederick I (called Barbarossa) succeeds Conrad III of Germany viewed 2-23-10
Pope Alexander III 1153 CE - Papal chancellor (later Pope Alexander III) sent to negotiate the Treaty of Constance with Emperor Frederick I, image viewed on 2023-10
1155 CE - Frederick I (Barbarossa) of the Holy Roman Empire is crowned emperor by Pope Adrian IV- image is of Pope Adrian IV. viewed 2-23-10
1174 CE - - Count Raymond of Tripoli named regent of the Kingdom of Jerusalem. He is opposed by the Templars and the Lusignans.veiwed 2-23-10
1175 CE - Byzantine Emperor Manuel I Comnenus fortifies the Anatolian city of Dorylaeum - Reynald de Chatillon and Joscelin of Courtenay are released from prison in Aleppo. - Oppositions to Count Raymond of Tripoli coalesces around Reynald and Joscelin. viewed 2-23-10
depiction of Guy, although the battle of Hattin had not yet occured this is an introduction to Guy. Saladin and Guy de Lusignan after battle of Hattin in 1187
1181 CE - Pope Alexander III dies, succeeded by Pope Lucius III, viewed 2-23-10
1185 March CE - King Baldwin IV dies of leprosy, succeeded by Baldwin V, viewed 2-23-10
1187 CE (July 4) - Saladin wins the Battle of Hattin. Frankish nobles, Templars, and Hospitallers are destroyed. Saladin assumes control of most the Latin Kingdoms of Jerusalem. viewed 2-23-10
1187 CE (Oct 29) - Pope Gregory VIII calls for a third Crusade in a Bull-the Crusading encyclical Audita Tremendi.viewed 2-23-10
image of Richard the Lion heart.1187 CE - Hospitallers and Templars establish themselves on Cyprus. Templars begin construction of a naval force. - William, Archbishop of Tyre, confirms the news of the Battle of Hattin and secures the chief support of Richard the Lion Heart. (Dec) - Richard the Lion Heart of England becomes the first European leader to take up the cross and agree to a Crusade.viewed 2-23-10
Conrad de Montferrat and navy arriving at battle of Tyre viewed 2-12-10
1190 Feb CE - Teutonic Knights are established by Germans in Palestine, create hospital near Acre. Viewed 2-23-10