1205 CE - Henry of Flanders crowned Emperor of the Latin Empire (formerly the Byzantine Empire) after the death of Baldwin.
1206 CE - Byzantine Greeks spread throughout what is left of their empire.
1207 CE - Pope Innnocent III negotiates with Philip II of France to attack England.
(May) - Raymond VI of Toulouse (decendant of Raymond IV of Toulouse, a leader of the First Crusade), refuses to assist in the suppression of the Cathars in southern France, excommunicated by Pope Innocant III.
1208 CE - Pope Innocent III proclaims a crusade against the Albigenses (Cathars, a religious sect) in southern France.
-After the death of Pierre de Castelnau, the papal legate in southern France, this sparks an even greater outcry. This crusade diverts resources from the Palestine and permanently dampens the crusading spirit in Europe.
1209 CE - Otto IV is crowned Holy Roman Emperor.
1210 CE - Emperor Otto IV seizes papal territory, and is excommunicated by Pope Innocent III.
1212 CE - The Children's Crusade
-European children gather and marched in hopes of going on a crusade.
-Many were dispersed in Lombard territory.
-A few make it to Rome, where Pope Innocent III finally dispersed the rest of them.