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1194 CE- Henry VI of the Holy Roman Empire invades Italy and is crowned king.
1198 CE (Aug) - Pope Innocent III calls for a Fourth Crusade to recapture Jerusalem.
1198 CE ( (Aug) - Foundation of the Teutonic Order. (Teutonic Knights Castle in Malbork) 1199 CE (Feb 19) - Pope Innocent III issues a bull which assigns the uniform of a white tunic with a black cross to the Teutonic Knights.
1202 CE - Albert, Bishop of Buxtehude, establishes the Knightly crusading order known as the Fratres militiae Christi or the Livonian Brothers of the Sword. ( picture is of the headquarters of the Livonian Brothers of the sword, Medieval walls ,Cesis , present day Lativija / Lativa .)
1203 CE - Crusaders abandon the city of Zara, move to Constantinople. - Alexius Angelus, son of Emperor Isaac II, offers the Crusaders money and a re-unification of the Byzantine Church with Rome if they capture Constantinople for him. (April 6) - Crusaders launch attack on Constantinople. (July 17) - Constantinople falls to the Crusader forces from Western Europe. -The Crusaders are never paid money by Alexius. -Handmade oil painting reproduction of The Crusaders Conquering the City of Zara in 1202 2, a painting by Andrea Michieli.
1204 CE - (Feb.) - Byzantine nobility, infuriated by the actions of the Christian Crusaders, imprisons Isaac II and strangles Alexius IV. -Alexius V Ducas takes the throne.
1204 CE - (April) - After not being paid and infuriated at the execution of their ally Alexius, Christian soldiers of the Fourth Crusade attack Constantinople again. -Fourth Crusaders capture and sack Constantinople and establish the Latin Empire.
( image is of Phillip II of France) 1207 CE - Pope Innnocent III negotiates with Philip II of France to attack England.
1208 CE - Pope Innocent III proclaims a crusade against the Albigenses (Cathars, a religious sect) in southern France.
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1209 CE - Otto IV is crowned Holy Roman Emperor. 1210 CE - Emperor Otto IV seizes papal territory, and is excommunicated by Pope Innocent III. (Image Depicts- In the convent near Spira, the Emperor Otto IV of Wittelsbach, (1209-1218), in his own handwriting confirms to Innocent III (1198-1216) the donations granted by his predecessors to the Holy See)
1212 CE- "popular religious movement in Europe during the summer of 1212 in which thousands of young people took Crusading vows and set out to recover Jerusalem from the Muslims. Lasting only from May to September, the Children’s Crusade lacked official sanction and ended in failure; none of the participants reached the Holy Land. Nevertheless, the religious fervour it excited helped to initiate the Fifth Crusade (1218). It was arguably the first European youth movement". -The Children’s Crusade of 1212, from a colored engraving after Gustave Dore.