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1215 (Dec) CE
- Pope Innocent III issues the Quia Maior papal bull calling for a Fifth Crusade in the Fourth Lateran Council.
1216 CE - Italian Crusaders arrive at Acre.
-Frederick is crowned Holy Roman Emperor at Rome.
1217 CE - The Fifth Crusade is launched as an attack on Egypt, but fails to accomplish anything.
- Enthusiasm in Hungary and Austria in the Crusading initiative.
-(April)-Peter of Courtenay is crowned Latin Emperor of Constantinople at Rome by Pope Honorius III.
-Austrians and Hungarians assemble at Spalato to mount Crusade against the Muslims.
-Leopold VI of Austria sets sail at once.
-Andrew of Hungary leaves shortly after.
-They are joined by John of Brienne (King of Jerusalem), Hugh I of Cyprus, and Prince Bohemund IV of Antioch.
1218-1219 CE - Crusaders, under the command of John of Brienne lay siege to the city of Damietta.
-Pope Honorius III sends Cardinal Pelagius of Albano to the Holy Land to lead the Fifth Crusade.
-(Nov) - The Crusaders siege of Damietta finally succeeds.
-(Mongul armies led by Genghis Kahn invade Muslim territories and reach Persia by 1221)
1221 July CE - Crusaders, under the command of Cardinal Pelagius set out for Cairo.
(Aug)- After failed attack on Cairo, the Crusaders are forced by Malik Al-Kamil to give up Damietta.
Note: The Crusaders were offered control of Jerusalem and other Christian cities in the Palestine in exchange for the return of Damietta, but Papal Legate Cardinal Pelagius refused.
This effectively ends the Fifth Crusader Initiative.