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Pope Honorous III
1217 CE - The Fifth Crusade is launched as an attack on Egypt, but fails to accomplish anything. - Enthusiasm in Hungary and Austria in the Crusading initiative. -Leopold VI of Austria sets sail at once.
Andrew of Hungary leaves to join soon after
John of Brienne (King of Jerusalem joins, and under his leadership in 1218-1219 CE - Crusaders, lay siege to the city of Damietta.
1218-1219 CE - Crusaders, under the command of John of Brienne lay siege to the city of Damietta.-(Nov) - The Crusaders siege finally succeeds, Only later to have to give it up. (painting by Cornelis Claesz van Wieringen.)
-Mongol armies led by Genghis Kahn invade Muslim territories and reach Persia by 1221