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Events to the Seventh Crusader Initiative
1231 CE - Emperor Frederick II besieges Beirut.
1236 CE - Proclamation of new crusade in support of Constantinople.
1238 CE - Malik Al-Kamil dies.
1239 CE - The truce between Emperor Frederick II and Sultan Malik Al-Kamil signed to end the Sixth Crusade ends.
1240 CE- Popes Gregory IX and Innocent IV call a Political Crusade against Emperor Frederick II.
1244 (July-Aug) CE - Jerusalem falls to the Khorezmian Turkish horsemen (Tartars).
-Destruction of the Church of the Holy Sepulchre, end of Christian rule.
(Oct) - Battle of La Forbie (located close to Gaza). Templar disaster. Group of Egyptians and Khorezmians destroy Frankish army.
1245 CE - King Louis IX of France (Saint Louis) declares his intentions on launching a crusade against the Muslims in the Middle East.
1247 CE - Egypt captures Jerusalem from the Khorezmians.
Beginning of the Seventh Crusader Initiative
1248 CE - King Louis IX of France departs for the Holy Land.
-Guillaume de Sonnae, Master of the Temple, is among Frankish leaders awaiting King Louis IX in Cyprus.
-The Great Kahn even sends representatives to Louis to inform him of their willingness to participate in the conquest of the Holy Land and to restore Jerusalem to Christian control.
1249 CE - Seventh Crusaders under King Louis IX leave for Egypt.
(June) - King Louis IX of France reaches and occupies Damietta (the main Egyptian port city).
(Nov) - King Louis IX of France begins march to Cairo.
1250 (Feb) CE - Crusaders led by King Louis IX of France meet Emir Fakr-ed-din at the Battle of Mansurah.
-The Christian crusaders suffer heavy losses.
-Robert of Artois (brother of King Louis IX) and William of Salisbury (leading an English force) are killed along with most of the Knights Templars who followed them.
(April) - Battle of Fariksur. King Louis IX is captured along with his army. He is later ransomed in exchange for the surrender of Damiette (which happens to be the only real achievement of the Seventh Crusade).
-King Louis IX of France sails to the Palestine where he begins work on the defenses of the Latin Kingdom.
End of the Seventh Crusader Initiative