1250 (May) CE - -Emperor Frederick II dies, William of Holland and Conrad IV claim succession. ( image is of Conrad IV) viewed 2-25-10
1259 CE - King Louis IX of France signs Treaty of Paris with Henry III of England.viewed 3-3-10
1261 CE - Recapture of Constantinople by Nicaea forces and end of the Latin Empire. -Greeks reoccupy Constantinople. -Michael VIII Palaeologus drives Latin rulers out of Constantinople and re-establishes Eastern Orthodox rule. Viewed 3-3-10 ( image is of Michael of Palaeologus)
1270 CE - King Louis IX of France sets out for the Eighth Crusade. -Attempts to land in North Africa intent on converting the Sultan of Tunis to Christianity, but he dies en-route. Viewed 3-1-10
1270 CE - Philip III takes the crown, but is too young to rule Viewed 3-3-10
Seige of Tunis. Viewed 3-3-10