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1271 CE
- Prince Edwrad I of England, after arriving too late in Tunis after the death of King Louis IX, continued with Charles of Anjou to the Holy Land lauching a Ninth Crusade.
-The armies of Charles and Edward arrive in Acre.
-Edward requested the aid of the Mongols, who also disliked the Muslims.
-Hugh III of Cyprus arrived with additional forces and they began raid on the city of Qaqun.
(Oct) - Mongol forces arrive and ravage the lands from Aleppo to the south.
-Prince Edward I began negotiating with Baybars for a truce.
1273 CE - After the death of Henry III of England, Edward I returns home to be crowned king.
1274 (May) CE - Council of Lyons----Michael VIII Palaeolgus agrees to a unification of the Eastern Orthodox and Roman Churches.
1291 CE - After an elevan year truce between Edward I and Baybars, the final siege of Acre begins.
-Guillaume de Beaujeu, Master of the Temple in Palestine is killed during siege.
-Hospitaller and Templar headquarters move from Acre to Cyprus under Grand Master Jacques de Molay.
(May) - Acre falls to the Muslim forces under Sultan Khalil
-Brings end to military forces in the Near East.
(July) - Sidon and Beirut fall the the Mamluks
(Aug) - Templars evacuate Tortosa and the Templar Castle of Atilt.
-The last of the Crusaders are forced out of Egypt by the Mamluks, and the era of the Crusades comes to an end!!!!!!